Getting By 365

There are three hundred and sixty five days in a year. What are you doing in those days?

My name is Gwendolyn Kimber-Meh Davis and June and July…I decided to flip the world I have grown into knowing…upside down.

I grew up in an ever so small town called Edmeston, NY. My graduating class in 2011 consisted of around 22 kids. I’m used to being in a small town. Between the “traffic jams” that were caused by a tractor or dump truck, open fields, guns constantly going off at the fishing game club, and cars always up and down the sides of the roads when hunting season was just starting. I traveled the back roads all the time just for the scenery to work. Between Pathfinder Village where I cared and helped Down Syndrome and Autistic individuals, Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, NY where I was a nurses aide for a year on the surgical floor, and Joshua House where I cared and helped mentally disabled individuals, there was always a back road or somewhere I could clear my head. I thought that I no longer wanted to be that country girl…I wasn’t going to grow up like the rest of my family. I wanted to be my own person. Little did I know…I will always be a country girl. I crave the fields, the ponds, the open space.

I moved. I moved from spacious on going fields to where I thought I’d fit in. I thought I belonged in a city like area. So, I know reside in Johnson City. I wanted that constant contact with other people. Little did I know that constant contact with people dwindled after being out of high school four years ago. I used to be the biggest social butterfly in my school. Everyone knew my name. Good or bad everyone knew my name. Now, I’m starting fresh. No one really knows me. I have to open myself all over again. Worst part…I don’t have time to do it. Between going to school full time and working full time and just starting to get my footing on saving money and paying rent, my social network has dwindled tremendously.

However, I’m doing okay. I may feel like I’m falling apart because I still haven’t adjusted, but I have probably one of the best support systems I thought I’d ever have. Not only do I have my mom, my dad, and my brother, but my boyfriend is from Endicott, NY which isn’t far at all from Johnson City. His friends and family have been there for me through this 100%. Every time I may feel like I am falling apart I look at my support system. Sometimes it is hard because 3 hours away when he’s at school rather that 10 minutes, but every Sunday for football season I go to his mom and sisters place and watch football and it always makes my week 10x better. Occasionally I will go home and see my mom, dad, and brother. I absolutely miss my family. But, it’s time for me to make my own path.

Mind you, this is maybe only a 30 days out of 365 days…that’s not a lot at all. So, there are several more days to go.

My question to you all, is how are you spending your 365 days? I’m still adjusting to a new surrounding that will be my home for awhile. But that will end eventually and new adventures will arise. So I welcome adventures with open arms…that’s how I’ll spend my 365 days and I will document each adventure that occurs!

There will be some extra stuff on top of all this because this is a project I’m doing for myself that I will expressing my confidence or lack there of, expressing my taste in music, clothing, etc. So, this blog in of itself is an adventure! This is just day one!

There are still 364 days left!

~Gwendolyn Davis


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