A Little Too Much, but getting better: 364

Yesterday night was awesome!

Things have been super SUPER hectic between school and work. Both being full time I’ve kind of been freaking out and very overwhelmed. I got a Facebook message from my boyfriend saying that his friends were having a bonfire. I was SUPER excited. I have not gotten out (except Sundays for Football) but still…it was nice to just go and hang out with not just his friends, but my friends as well! Between just chilling at the bowling alley for a few hours and then sitting and talking and having a few beers. It is good to know we all feel the same about a particular. Honestly, this person seriously pisses me off. I would personally make this persons life a living hell, but at the same time thank this person because now I have the most amazing guy in my life.

Anyways, I thought I’ve been “lost” here because I just didn’t know what to do with myself which is why this song is attached to the blog because it matches how I’ve been feeling lately. But after last night I got to know my boyfriends best friends a lot better. I think things are going to end up getting a shit ton better after this hell of a month. October is going to be kick ass between the concert and Halloween…Just absolutely AMAZING! Cannot wait!


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