The past 3 days: 363-362-361

These last few days could not be any absolutely annoying.

  1. School

I feel like the pressure is seriously on at this point. This Freshman Seminar and LRS is kinda killing me. I’m trying my best to focus on class but I just mentally cannot do a damn thing! I feel like I am dragging behind. I hate being out of school for so long it’s a pain in the ass. I feel like everything I knew is now like *poof* vanished. I was not only late for my Freshman Seminar but I was late for my LRS because of Bridge Blasting. So, needless to say I feel like I’ve been messing up big times

However, I will say that my boyfriend is pretty kick ass (well he always is). But, I had him look over my LRS aka Master Student Class paper which was about my learning style and it was worth like 30% of my grade and got a 50/50 so an A!!!! That was one of my main focuses this week. On top of this I am finally able to take home my choir music so I can practice at home (which i seriously need).

2. Internet and other money related crap

For the last WEEK I have been trying my get shit done with Time Warner Cable, with no success. What a pain in the ass! Now, we have internet after an hour of DEALING with someone who cannot deal with a very VERY tired Gwen. On top of all this I have little to no money for rent. I have enough but I would not have if it wasn’t for my boyfriend. I still feel super bad…I’m used to never asking for help. I’ve always done my own thing. No one else was willing to help. Now, I have someone who wants to help and I am not used to it.

Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my boyfriend. I don’t expect him to help at all but he does and I’m so used to doing things on my own and failing that having this support is something that is completely new to me. He means more than words can even say. He’s been there for me every step of the way.

3. Work

For years (if you’ve read my about) I’ve been working in the health care system. Between Pathfinder Village, Bassett Hospital, Joshua House, and now Brookdale I’ve always have been working in the health care/human services. Pathfinder I had some interesting experiences that have made me wonder about behaviors, but the place I am at now only extenuates that longing to figure out why people have certain behaviors and how I could possibly help them. However at the same time, I’m getting hurt and mentally exhausted. So work now has me on stretches. Like this next week I have to work Tuesday-Friday 3-11 which don’t get me wrong I’m okay with it since I have the weekends for the next 3 weeks off, but with work on top of school work I’m just so frustrated.

So yeah this has been my week thus far…please let there be a new adventure soon!!!


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