360: Just the Beginning

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in what she liked to call BFN (bum fuck nowhere). The Christmas of 2014 was a rough one for her and her family. Her father was just released from the hospital with an awful infection that could have gotten worse. While her father was in the hospital, her first relationship she ever had, the other individual cheated on her…she didn’t want to believe it at first, but after a few weeks of just sinking back and enjoying her time with family and friends (as well as working as many hospital hours she could) she realized he was no longer worth her time.

So what does she do? She goes back to POF where it all began. Sure, it was hard at first knowing that her first relationship she ever had was through POF and her ex ended up cheating on her. So, there were doubts there were nerves there was shit ton of what the fuck am I doings. As soon as she went back on, immediately someone emailed her. Instantly there was a connection with this person. She didn’t know what it was. She’d have one on one’s and she’d sit and email/text him all day and night. Now, mind you she isn’t one of those girls who can sit and wait to meet someone. It took almost 2 months to meet her ex. However this one guy she was now talking to didn’t really like waiting either. Now what was she going to do???

They set a date. January 3rd. She’d never been more excited! Funniest part…she was driving and she was so unbelievably nervous. She was shaking, she was scared, just her mind was filled with so many questions. Watching Catfish before leaving wasn’t exactly her best idea. As soon as her GPS got her into his hometown of Endicott she was completely flooded with emotions. What he doesn’t know (until he reads this) that she had to stop and grab gum she was soooo nervous. Then, attempting to find his house was the next part that was hilarious. She didn’t know where to park or anything. She had to turn around down the road some which was funny to her because she has been called the queen of finding places.

As soon as she saw him stand outside his house…she didn’t know what to do. She sat for a minute to contain herself. As she’s stepping out of her car she almost slips because she has black flat boots on. Plus it was super cold. Wearing a maroon top with a black leather jacket and leggings. Yeah she wasn’t too smart when it came to dressing for weather conditions. She just wanted to make sure she looked okay, but she’s a ditz and almost slips and falls just exiting a damn car. She walks up to the door and he greets her. She was still super nervous and scared. She blocked all those feeling for the time being and did her thing. She met his mom and sister that same night was, to her, amazing! She loved meeting new people.

After they had left she had to find a hotel because the next night she was going to Pennsylvania to see her friend (and cousins girlfriend). She had enough money to do so as well. Never once did anyone buy anything for her. So it was a complete shock when he paid not only for dinner (which I will continue to explain later) but also the hotel. She didn’t know what to think or do. On top of all this, she’d never been on a true date. This was her first. So many things were different.

During dinner, she didn’t know what to say or do. He said it didn’t matter because he already liked her and that she was beautiful. Mind you, she had NEVER been called beautiful before. She was told she could look better. So, this was another flood of thoughts and feelings she had never known. Of course half way through dinner her mother would call. She freaked but tried not to show too much of it externally. It was embarrassing! But, the date went on. She learned so much about him and they had a lot in common. A lot more than she would have ever expected.

After they ate, they adventured a little bit. They went to the mall and he bought her a Pop Vinyl of Sven from Frozen. Afterwards, they returned to the hotel…(mama mia reference…sorta…yeah it is hahaha)

The next day…she knew…this was the beginning to an amazing relationship. She stayed with him for the remainder of the next day too! She didn’t have to leave, she had all the time she needed. Little did she know that it would be awhile before she saw him again. As she sat there with him and his family and friends for fight night, she realized she didn’t want to go. This was a feeling(s) she had never thought she’d ever experience. But as soon as the final fight came up she had to leave to see her friend in Pennsylvania.

As he walked her out to her car she felt more of a connection with him than she’d ever dreamed she’d have. As he kissed her goodbye he looked at her and said,”I never got the chance to ask. Would you go out with me?” She kissed him and her response, “Of course I’d love to.”

To be continued…


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