Between my absolutely obnoxious laugh and my need to constantly travel, I guess you could say I’m a pretty outgoing person. I think very highly of my family and friends. Without them, I don’t know who I would be today. High school had it’s ups and downs, but real life hit like a brick upside my head and I’m just coming out of the damn coma. I am a residential aide and I am now living on my own and going to school at SUNY Broome in Binghamton, NY. I keep myself busy…very busy. My family is my life. If you hurt one of them or say anything derogatory about them, shit will hit the fan. I’m pretty sure my family backs me up on that as well. My cousins are like my best friends and they are irreplaceable. There is no one else like them. My friends, oh my friends…we have our ups and downs. But we all know in the end we are there for one another. We do some pretty weird shit. Definitely some pretty weird shit. But that’s because we are weird and that is why we are friends as a lot of my friends say to me at least. We keep each others lives interesting. I’ve seen life and death first hand from working as a nurses aide at Bassett Hospital, I’ve seen an albino deer (right in my town), I’ve been to ME, CT, VT, NH, NJ, PA, VA (best vacation ever), OH (Senior Trip *another amazing vacation*), I’ve had friends come and go, I’ve had the opportunity to improve peoples lives (including my own), and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


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